Mike Morrissey

Mike Morrissey

Chief Commercial Officer for Sytorus

Mike Morrissey, Chief Commercial Officer for Sytorus, a multi-national Data Protection Practitioner firm, is a Certified Data Protection Practitioner, who has specific insight in the operational implementation of privacy and information security capability, alongside a fundamental alignment with commercial success.

Having operated in the dual spheres of selling and implementing, Mike sees both sides of the challenge in creating a succesful privacy program, from global corporates to local SMEs.

Mike has operated as Chief Information Security Officer for international software companies, helping them achieve ISO 27001: 2013 certification. He has also overseen the rollout of privacy programs in multi-nationals operating in dozens of European and North American countries. He also engages daily with boards and C-Level executives demonstrating the commercial benefits of compliance with Data Protection laws.

A fundamental focus for Mike are the more nuanced challenges of privacy rights and finding effective operational solutions that can maintain commercial objectives with lawful processing.