Michael Conway

Michael Conway

Director at Renaissance Contingency Services

• Michael is a founding director of Renaissance Contingency Services since 1987

• Michael heads up the Value Added distribution part of Renaissance

• Michael has managed the vendor relationships with over thirty data security vendors.

• Michael is heavenly involved in evaluating and on boarding new data security technologies.

• Michael has been involved in the preparation and review of Continuity and Crisis Management Plans for many of the leading organisations in Ireland and the UK.

• Michael is a member of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI). This is the international institute representing guidelines and standards for Business Continuity Professionals.

• Michael is a Fellow of the Emergency Planning Society and a member of the Irish Computer Society

• Michael has a BComm and has been involved in the IT industry since 1979.

• Michael is a joint editor of the Wiley Business Continuity for Dummies book.

• Michael has represented the Emergency Planning Society on Radio and TV in relation to Influenza Pandemic Planning, Flooding, Emergency Response and Business Continuity