Aaron Visaggio

Aaron Visaggio

Professor of Software Security

Corrado Aaron Visaggio is professor of Software Security of the MsC in Computer Engineering at the University of Sannio, Italy. He obtained the PhD in computer engineering at University of Sannio (Italy). His research interests include: malware analysis, threat intelligence, empirical software engineering, mobile security, web security, software testing and data privacy. He is author of several papers published on international journals, international and national conference’s proceedings, and books. He serves in many program committees and editorial boards of international conferences and journals.

He is member of the CINI CyberSecurity Lab, a National Lab on Cyber Security that produce guidelines and frameworks for National Cyber Security.

He is member of the European Cyber Security Organization, a working group that defines standards and guidelines in CyberSecurity for the European Commission.

He is responsible of the ISWATLab at University of Sannio, Italy (www.iswatlab.eu), a CyberSecurity Laboratory.